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Developing information for the Web requires a focus on meeting user needs. To accomplish this, my methodology involves six elements and these six continuously ongoing processes.
  • PlanningDefine target audience, purpose, objectives, and policies for information development and use.
  • AnalysisCheck technical construction of web with validation tools; evaluate information consistency and verify correctness of domain information.
  • DesignSeparate information into page-sized chunks; connect pages along routes of use and user thinking; provide information, context, and navigation cues; create a consistent look and feel.
  • ImplementationCreate an extendible directory and file structure; use HTML tools where helpful; use templates for supporting consistent look and feel; check implementation in various browsers.
  • PromotionTarget publicity releases for general Web audiences, potential users, and current users; follow online community norms and practices; innovatively connect with users to meet their needs.
  • InnovationContinuously and creatively work for improvement to meet user needs; use testing, evaluation, and focus groups to shift and change web's content as user needs change.
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